A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed journal articles must be used for this assignment. These articles must be evaluated throughout your literature review, clearly articulating how these articles support your hypothesis. This literature review will also be accompanied by a student-created PowerPoint presentation that will be delivered to the class 6-7 slides containing

Assignments should all follow APA formatting, including 1” margins, double spaced, Times New Roman font (12 point), with a staple in the top left corner, if applicable

The powerpoint

1) The topic of the paper

2). The main themes or findings among the articles and studies you reviewed, not article by article but just the main ideas that these articles point to or suggest for your topic (e.g., childhood trauma in linked to higher levels of substance abuse in adulthood, especially for women,and explain a little why, etc);

3). Name a research idea within your topic that has not yet been studied or has conflicting results, that you think would be a good idea to research

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