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Consider the sample space: S ? {copper, sodium, nitrogen, potassium, uranium, oxygen, zinc} and the events A ? {copper, sodium, zinc}, B ? {sodium, nitrogen, potassium}, C ? {oxygen}. List the
elements of the sets corresponding to the following events: (a) A’ (b) A ? C (c) (A ? B’) ? C’ List the elements of each of the following sample spaces: The set of all integers between 1 and 50
divisible by 9 The set S ? {x I x is a continent} Express each set using set builder notation. Use inequality notation to express the condition x must be in order to be a member of the set.
{32,33,34,35,36…} {32,33,34,35,36…63} Requirements: Show all your work so that the instructor clearly sees how you solved the problem. Make sure your final answer is clear and visible. Option #2:
Sets and Subsets Determine the number of distinct sets and the number of proper subsets for each of the following: {x I x and 2 ? x ? 6} {2,4,6,8} In a group of 100 customers at Pizza Inn, 80 of
them ordered peppers on their pizza and 72 of them ordered sausage. 60 customers ordered both peppers and sausage on their pizza. Given this information, answer the following questions. (Hint: Use
a Venn Diagram.) How many customers ordered peppers but no sausage? How many customers ordered sausage but no peppers? How many customers ordered neither peppers nor sausage on their pizzas? Give
the cardinality of: The set of all the world’s oceans Set A ? {1,3,4,5,6,7,11,12,13}

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