Serial Murder case study

Serial, mass, sensational, and spree murders add to the complexity of murder investigations. In this Case Study, you will choose one type of murder (listed below), and provide one example/name of a murderer that falls into this category.  Serial murder  Mass murder  Sensational murder  Spree murder


For example, you may choose serial murder and your example could be Ted Bundy. In this case, you would describe a serial murderer and detailed reasons why Ted Bundy is in this category. Begin with an introduction detailing the type of murderer you have chosen. Explain in detail the definition/characteristics of this type.In succeeding paragraphs, introduce the person you have chosen as an example. Give his or her name, a brief description of his or her background, crimes committed, his or her capture, and sentencing. Your Case Study should be at least 2 pages in length and written in APA format. r

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