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Complete both questions:

Essay question 1: Consider these two statements: (A) “If either a business or a society pursues policies that benefit its interests at the expense of the other, it will find itself on a dangerous path.” (Porter & Kramer) And, (B) “[many businessmen]… are capable of being extremely farsighted and clearheaded in matters that are internal to their businesses. They are incredibly shortsighted and muddleheaded in matters that are outside their businesses but affect the possible survival of business in general.” (Friedman) Given their context, do these present opposing views, or do they agree? In your opinion, how important is it that the leader of a business, whether large or small, take CSR into consideration when setting strategy? Support your views.

Essay question 2: Briefly compare the Kotter model vs the Lewin model approaches to overcoming a group’s resistance to change. Which one is likely to be more practical in helping you be effective, if you were in charge of leading the change? Why?


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