select two four perspectives and discuss how they provide different insights relations betwe

“In considering the influence that technology in general or any single technology has over human affairs, it is … necessary to consider not only the technology and its presumed “imperatives,” but also the key human agents of the technology, the organisations in which they operate, and how these influence the course of technological change” (Rudi, 257).


Select two of the four perspectives and discuss how they provide different insights into the relations between technology, organisations, management and employees.


Above is the assignment question please note:

1) 1900words

2) NO plargarism

3) Harvard referencing

4) at least 12 references

5) Please look carefully at 2 files attached ( essay writing technique and assignment guidelines)

6) also refer to tb ( Organization Theory: Modern, Symbolic and Postmodern Perspectives

 By Mary Jo Hatch 3rd edition)

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