security architecture amp design assignment question 1

1. Find a 2018 or 2019 newspaper website article (no academic research articles) on a recent software vulnerability that led to a security breach. You need to find article that talks about how a specific software vulnerability was involved, so not just any security story will do! Write a 350 word summary (no graphics or tables) of the incident in your own words, describing what software was involved, what the vulnerability was, and what the consequences were. Be as specific as you.

2. Provide one or more CAPEC codes for the type of weakness(es) involved, and even include a CAPEC ID (see for the type of attack if possible.Note: for each code, you must provide the specific website url of code.

Reference content Chapter Names:

  1. Chapter 3 – STRIDE
  2. Chapter 4 – Attack Trees
  3. Chapter 5 – Attach Libraries
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