Science As a Process – Internet Research

INTERNET RESEARCH – Also referred to as INTERNET. Find six internet sources or other materials that relate to the readings for this Unit and which you find particularly interesting. Provide complete citations for each of the six (as elsewhere required for this course) to include a 3-4 sentence annotation and your estimate of reliability. Alphabetize the list by the author’s last names. You may use this assighment to assist you in Journal and Project, but researching topics that related to “Think About It” items and to your Project


Think about it listed below.


  1. Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of empirical knowledge, and its application to science.
  2. The statement, “Evolution is just a theory,” is a criticismthat has been leveled at the field of evolutionary anthropology and evolutionary biology.  Discuss why most scientists and everyone who understands scientific methodology would consider this statement to be strong praise indeed.
  3. Science is based on observation and experience—the basic data(= facts) used by all the sciences (natural sciences and social sciences) are derived from observation.  However, scientists are also engaged in identifying, interpreting, and explaining patterns among those facts.  Explain how applicable inferences, hypotheses, theories, and paradigmsinfluence decisions concerning which facts to gather and their interpretation.
  4. Science, engineering, and technology are three quite distinct, but highly inter-related, enterprises.  Discuss and explain how the three fields differ and interactions among these three endeavors.
  5. Art, Philosophy, and Science are each committed to the critical examination of the universe (including our species) and to the search for better, deeper, more general, and more meaningful understanding of our universe.  However, these fields also differ in fundamental ways.  Discuss how science differs from either the arts or the humanities, and how they are similar.  Do Art and Philosophy use observation as a tool?
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