scholarly film criticism on michael clayton marxist literary theory

This is a 2400 page final paper on the movie Michael Clayton directed by Tony Gilroy in 2007. The assignment is to construct a meaningful original claim about a visual text and develop and defend that claim through an essay with primary and secondary sources. I have attached 3 pictures of the assignment requirements (sources, thesis, citations, etc) and more instructions. Please follow all of these guidelines very closely.

The only other guidance I will give you is to please use Marxist Literary Criticism/Theory. This would be viewing the literary film as reflections of the social institutions they originated from. The simplest goals of Marxist literary criticism can include an assessment of the political ‘tendency’ of a literary work, determining whether its social content or its literary form are ‘progressive.’

I know this explanation is broad and I will promptly answer any questions, but the attachments are more detailed and will give you better guidance on the paper’s details. Please focus on the claim being original and how the professor explains the ‘analysis’ portion of the paper.

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