Rogerian Argument: “government Intervention in agricultural production.” Essay Dissertation Help

Choose one particular issue that Pollan discusses (such as subsidies, government intervention in agricultural production, big organic, processing foods, or vegetarianism and its politics) and
create an argument. You are not limited by these examples but they do illustrate the focus I’m looking for. 1. This is not a research paper and should be most concerned with its structure and facts
offered to support the main points. Rogerian argumentation is a great
strategy and I’d like to see you try using it in this paper.

2. Use only the sources offered up in class. If you have something that speaks to your point and would like to use it, contact me, but realize it is not guaranteed that you can use it. You will
also need to write a works cited page if you use something outside of class.

3. Use the Rogerian format for creating an argument. Review the links from this section’s reading, as well as the reading from our text to review this particular form of argumentation. I’ll be
looking for the signifying points of creating a Rogerian Argument: Review this CSU link:

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