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Introduction – Your course project will allow you to critique your own personal finances and develop a personal investment policy and strategy. Whether you are an accomplished investor or do not have the first penny in savings, this project will allow you to apply course concepts to your own personal situation. Therefore, while you will be graded on the project, more importantly you will walk away with a plan that you can implement personally.

Part I – To begin your project, you are going to complete a personal risk assessment and interview one other person using the following risk questionnaire. Risk Questionnaire (Complete these exercises separately throughout the course, not together to avoid bias in your data.) After completing the questionnaire, assess your and your interviewee’s risk tolerance using a 10 point scale. Based on the score, determine a suitable investor profile from the four models provided.

In a 2 page written report, present your findings. You should summarize your findings then compare and contrast the two questionnaires. Be sure to cite your interviewee as a reference as well as any other research sources. Also, include a copy and paste the applicable risk profile from the chart provided. Risk Chart.

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