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The Statement of Purpose (SoP) is an essay that will tell the admissions committee who you are, what has influenced your career path, what your professional interests are and what you plan to do with your master’s degree. The SoP is your opportunity to speak directly to the committee via essay and to make yourself stand out from among similarly qualified candidates. The Statement of Purpose will also determine whether the student will need to enroll in MGMT 535, Managerial Communications, for the MBA program.




Your SoP should be objective yet self-reflective. The tone of the essay should be straightforward. Your topic should be specific. Document your conclusions with specific instances or draw your conclusions as the result of individual experience.




Give your SoP direction with a theme. Make this essay unique by writing about what interests and excites you. Your essay should end with a conclusion that refers back to the beginning and restates your theme. Always make sure to have someone edit and critique your essay. It should be a minimum of 550 words (2-4 pages typed) and needs to be submitted before you complete nine credits in your graduate program.




Some areas to focus on are:




– Your skills and qualities and how they will they help you with your graduate studies.


– Significant activities you have engaged in and the role you played.


– A memorable accomplishment in your life. Explain what it was and how you achieved it.


– The career you have chosen and what factors formed this decision. Personal experience in the field is a good place to begin.




MBA applicants should address their statement to Dr. George Atkins, Associate Dean of the School of Business. Your statement will be submitted to your Admissions Representative with your application packet. There is no such thing as a “perfect way to write a statement.” Write what is best for you.






Statement of Purpose



I am a goal oriented and a highly motivated person who is eager to gain knowledge, actually I believe I am what you would call a gifted student.  The reason I credit myself this highly is because I am a hard worker and can work independently under minimum supervision furthermore, I do take constructive criticism positively.  If a friend of mine was describe me am sure that he or she would say that I am an intelligent, active, diverse and pleasant person. I think my diverse experiences distinguish me from the rest. In addition to this, my hobbies are travelling, hiking, swimming and understanding other people cultures. I do believe that all these trait will positively influence my work as a graduate.



My purpose for this application is to expand on my knowledge and to add additional opportunities for me in future. It is my sincere believe that being a graduate student I am being prepared to be able to handle challenges in my future career. In the past I have participated in activities that have increased my experience and broadened my knowledge. An example of such is my part time job at Sai Pyramids investment where I work as a project manager this job have not only widened my knowledge on investment but also improved my interaction skills. In addition to this I have gained an insight into investment and the stock market. My ambition in future is to become a communication manager or a successful entrepreneur and I hope by taking a course in MGMT 535, that my dream might someday come true.



My future aspiration that I hope to achieve after studying this course is that I will be in a position to explore communication roles in the management of contemporary organizations. Additionally, will be in a position to offer survey of the organizational, theoretical, technical and behavior aspect of communication. Moreover my managerial skills will be improved along with my strategic communication skills which will in turn help me in future when I become a manager to effectively communicate to my subordinate and junior staff. Studying this course will provide me with the opportunity of knowing the importance of good and effective communication in organization.  Moreover, I will be trained on impact of technology on communication and the reasons as to why effective communication is difficult. Another knowledge I hope to gain from this course is impact communication on work teams and methods that can be used to overcome communication barriers.



I believe I posses a unique blend of experiences that makes me qualified for consideration in this course. In addition, being a first learner I believe I will corporate with my lecturer and help out where I can in areas such as lecturing the undergraduates during part time as an assistance lecture. By taking this course I will widen my understanding of management communication and the importance of effective communication and enrich my researching skills.




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