retail relay 1


Conduct a thorough analysis of RelayFood data. Discuss the results of your analysis in a written report supported by charts/figures from Tableau. Your analysis should include:

1. How customers’ “Average Order Amount” and “Order Frequency” related to “City”, “Email Sent” and other factors. Visualize the relationships with Tableau. You can use findings from previous assignment.

2. Conduct cluster analysis to identify customer segmentations. Which customer segment should you suggest to target.

3. Use linear regression to find out how to increase customers’ “Average Order Amount” and “Order Frequency”.

4. Use logistic regress to identify strategies to improve customer retention. You can use findings from previous assignment.

5. Discuss insights from social media analysis of tweets on RelayFood. You can use findings from previous assignment.

Submission: 1) written report and

2) Link to Tableau workbook published on Tableau Public

Also use:

I attached the previous assignment as well to help. Please be sure to use Tableau to support the paper.

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