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In research related to healthcare, a major study is an epidemiology study. Students learn that this type of study tends to study diseases throughout populations. These types of studies are important, because it “has a crucial role in describing health status, identifying risk factors, and analyzing relationships between health and different hazardous agents” (Gulis & Fujino, 2015, para 1). These studies are so important, because it studies not only diseases that occur in the populations, but it also studies how to control these diseases as well.

There are several studies done in the medical field that are epidemiological studies. The authors of one study studied asthma and how it affected residents in Saudi Arabia. According to the authors, “Epidemiological Study on the Management of Asthma in Asthmatic Middle East Adult Population (ESMAA) is a multicentric, descriptive, epidemiological study assessing asthma management in the MENA region. In this article, we report the results of patients from Saudi Arabia included in the ESMAA study” (Al-Jahdali et. Al., 2019). The results of the study showed that asthma control needs to be fixed and better, and more studies need to be done for this to happen. This is an important epidemiological study for Saudi Arabia, to allow them better air quality and assist with their asthma control. The data that could be changed to better the healthcare field, is whatever is being studied, can be improved or controlled. Such as the study example shown above, the researchers know that there needs to be more studies to better help with air quality related to asthma and Saudi Arabian communities.


AL-Jahdali, H., Wali, S., Salem, G., Al-Hameed, F., Almotair, A., Zeitouni, M., … Dihan, T. (2019). Asthma control and predictive factors among adults in Saudi Arabia: Results from the Epidemiological Study on the Management of Asthma in Asthmatic Middle East Adult Population study. Annals of Thoracic Medicine, 14(2), 148–154.…

Gulis, G., & Fujino, Y. (2015, March 3). Epidemiology, population health, and health impact assessment. Retrieved from…

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