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Greeting and salutations, For today’s discussion on chapter 25’s “Postmodernity and Global Art”, I chose the artwork of Gajin Fujita’s Streetfighter created in 2005. While reading this chapter this artwork really captured my attention towards it because of its stylized technique of traditional samurai that meets street style that creates a sense of two different cultures combining together in one scene. This artist used 24-karat gold leaf, spray paint, mean streak, and paint maker on a wood panel triptych. This artwork is located on page 467 in chapter 25. I believe that western art influences this piece that Gajin Fujita created by mixing two cultures which are Japanese and African art together. Gajin Fujita stated that this work draws on both his past as a tagger and his high culture of Asia. While viewing this artwork there are multiple colors used within the art which are mainly blue, black, red, and yellow. There are two samurai carrying a sword and in a fighting stance with a background of Los Angeles and bold blue letters that say “Fight” in between the two men. The type of style that is used is mainly tradition styles of the Asian culture and full-on western influence of the street style of graffiti. Also, I believe the colors tell uphold the full scenario of the painting because it has hints of royalty which the artist uses 24 karat leaves on the paint and deep blue and red to show the city night of LA. These two cultures were combined together to show off a good connection and also the grudge look for other artists to be inspired. In fact, another artwork that is similar to Gajin Fujita artwork named street fight is similar to another artist who uses their culture as a base of expression through art. For example, Kitagawa Utamaro is an artist who uses a reflection of a Japanese woman apply face make-up in a mirror. This artwork shows the traditional style which was about asymmetry, casualness, and surprise. Not only did Japanese artist create such a divine technique but they also influenced other people like the Europeans artist in the nineteenth century. The Japanese mainly made art of elements like water, air, rocks, and land because of its symbolism of life. This painting is also located on page 316 of chapter 17 “ Traditional Arts of Asia”. These two artists share many aspects towards for example culture and inspiration towards western art and color elements that can symbolize for multiple reasons. These artists are inspired from the work I’m discussing because the Kitagawa created a sense of beauty with the simplest things showing even with the traditional clothing, hair, painting structure and more.

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