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I am putting in someone else’s Discussion Board. I need a very good response to this (DB). Is it fully explained? I need a very good answer to respond to it. It only has to be 1 good paragraph.

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board


Correlational research is when research is done to establish whether two or more variables have a relationship. When performing correlational research, there is no manipulation involved, and no attempts to influence the variables in any way. The purpose of correlational research is to identify if the variables have a relationship, and then predict likely outcomes based off of the variables (Price). Correlation is used in so many different ways. For example, you can take the quantitative data of people smoking cigarettes and correlate that to the odds of getting lung cancer (Editorial board 120).

                A variable that we have used often in our study is Extrinsic Values. I would correlate this to number of applicants that apply to work at American Intellectual Union. I believe that the extrinsic variables have a direct relationship with the amount of people who would want to work at AIU. When we talk about extrinsic variables we look at things such as the amount of money you will earn, the types of co-workers, and managers. Overall, extrinsic variables are the conditions of the work place.  This means that the better the conditions or the higher extrinsic value in the survey, the more job applications, and the lower the extrinsic value, the less the job applicants.  

                The results would be used in the workplace to determine if there was in fact a positive correlation between the average extrinsic value and the number of applicants that applied.  Managers could use this research to aid in hiring new employees.  Then, to take it one step further, you could do a correlation research on the amount of workers paid and the profit earned. Meaning, does the more workers you have, lead to higher profits due to higher productivity.  If that correlation is positive as well, you now can develop a strategy that will increase the average extrinsic value, which will bring in more applicants/workers, which in turn will create more profit (Editorial Board 120).




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