Please read and responds to the two students work with a work cited. on each of them. About 150 words responds on both student work.

Student 1

Holistic methods are often seen in individual as a whole which is a initiated for proper care. Holistic approach will enable the therapist to concentrate on addressing the mind, soul, and spirit of an individual and how they are connected. Alcoholism, for instance, will affect each part of an individual’s body, that is one might lack purpose in life which is usually connected to the mind and spirit, physical injury due to lack of proper diet. The holistic method that will be used in providing therapy for an alcoholic, in this case, is meditation which falls within the Complementary and Integrative Therapies. Often, therapy helps individuals to develop effective coping mechanisms as well as address the issues that cause addiction. Meditation is a holistic technique that is meant to enhance spiritual awareness, relaxation and purposeful consciousness of oneself (Shaha & Gupta, 2018).

Through meditation, individuals are in a better position to understand their purpose in life and their ability to achieve the purpose. For instance, Yoga is one practice that would promote meditation among individuals, might reduce intrusive thoughts among individuals who are addicts and increases the self-awareness and self-esteem of individuals. On the other hand, alcoholics usually fall into the trap because of anxiety especially when they engage in family arguments, and they resort to drinking (Petralli, Nelson, & White, 2008). Therefore, mindfulness meditation will enable the individual to develop coping strategies. Coping strategy through mediation, in this case, is the fact that an alcoholic caught up in an argument instead of resorting to drinking, meditation teaches one how to present in the particular situation and how to develop consciousness of what is happening to their body and thus prevents the reaction of resorting to alcohol. Therefore, meditation is a holistic technique that will enhance consciousness among individuals who are alcoholics. This means they develop self-awareness of their feelings and thoughts and especially when they are self-destructive they will not need to follow them.

student 2

Holistic treatment pertains to addressing an individual’s overall mind, body, and spirit. When practicing any form of holistic therapy, it is believed that when there is an imbalance on the body, it will universally and consequently effect the balanced state of the individual. For example, if a client is drained emotionally and is in a state of depression, this can alter their overall health (mind, body, and spirit) by deterring the individual from doing simple daily activities of living. It can prohibit the individual from eating right, remaining active, and even typical chores around the household. One great holistic method to treat an individual can be something as simple as a massage.

In nursing, therapeutic touch and communication play a large role in effectively managing client care. In an article from the American Journal of Nursing, “Many Benefits, Little risks: The Use of Massage in Nursing”, it states that “massage affects both the body and mind. Researches quantify the benefits of massage in various ways, often through changes in stress hormone levels, vital sign measurements, and pain scores. Lowers stress levels, and increased well-being” (Westman, & Bleisdell, 2016). After reading this article, simple massage aides in all aspects of the holistic approach. Whether the purpose of the massage is to ease the individual’s mind, relax the client’s body, or even enlighten them in a spiritual manner, massage is a gentle and non-invasive approach to introducing a client to an outlet of holistic healing.

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