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  Barbara Ford Email this Author 11/11/2015 9:18:23 PM
Action Research can be a great research tool used for teacher strategies on how to make a change in the education of young children. It can also provide training for teachers who want and need to make a difference in the lives of all students. If can be used to develop all educators professionally for improvement in the school system. This research encourages questioning, intervention and innovation which can all encourage leadership and collaboration among the researchers.

I can benefit from the collection of data and the peered research. Action Research is a good resource but one has to understand how it process and purposes are developed. My research allows me to be a stronger leader with the ability to continue to search.I have learned through my research that there is valuable information for teachers. I have gained more knowledge and valuable insight about behaviors in the classroom from my Special Service Specialist and Mental Health Specialist. At this point, my research has allowed me to gain information to train the teachiers under my supervision.

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Lynn Williams Email this Author  
The focus of my action research plan is to study the transition of children from Pre-K to Kindergarten and how to prepare them for Kindergarten.  I am using my 5 year old daughter as the main study participant and focus of my study.  She has been in my daycare/Pre-K program since birth and when she transitioned from daycare to Kindergarten in September I was really anxious about her transition and questioned whether I had done enough to properly prepare her for Kindergarten.  I designed my own curriculum based on various theories and philosophies that I’ve studied throughout my years working in the field of early childhood education.  I felt somewhat confident that I had taught her how to be a good student, caring individual and covered all of the developmental aspects but there was still a little doubt in my mind.  

Action research will benefit my family daycare by helping me identify what changes need to be made to my curriculum to properly prepare my daycare children for the rigors and transition to Kindergarten, to get feedback from parents, to connect with schools that the children will attend upon graduation from my program, to connect the family, school and community and to assess the screening tools that I use and their effectiveness.  According to the article written by Fitchman-Dana, N. the number one reason of action research is to enable best practice to flourish at a school and the number two reason of action research is to focus and strengthen school improvement efforts. My goal is to establish best practices and to focus on the overall improvement of my daycare.  I would also use the data from the study to help other early childcare professionals and parents prepare their child for Kindergraten.  I think it’s good for teachers to have locus of control over their class to ensure best practices.  Teachers spend a lot of time with their students and should do what is in the best interest for that child.  Principals can also get involved in the research thus taking them out of the office, can be role models for both students and teachers.  I am really invested in creating a better curriculum that I can use for years to come in my daycare and outside of it.  My life is dedicated to improving education for young children.  


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