researcher collects sample 20 observations two variables x and y and calculates following x

A researcher collects a sample of 20 observations of two variables x and y and calculates the following x ? = 36.1 y ? = 100.35 sum of (xi ? x ?)2 = 4223.8 Cov (x, y) = 565.121 sum of (yi ? y ?)2 = 34366.55 Based on this data, the researcher wants to estimate the model E[Y|X]=?0 +?1X (a) What are the estimated coefficients b0 and b1? (b) What is R^2 for this regression? How would you interpret this value? (c) What is the predicted value of y if x = 45? (d) If the estimated standard error of b1 is sb1 = 0.305, what is the 95% confidence interval for β1? (e)(Optional, but highly recommended): Show that sbb = 0.305 (f) Test b1for significance at the 5% significance level (assume sbb = 0.305). Be sure to state you null and alternative hypothesis, your test statistic, and your rejection rule. Please, show some work.
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