research report about street musican observation Essay Dissertation Help

research report about street musican observation
1. I Select 2 theories/frameworks from the course text:
Theories of Information Behavior. (2005). Eds. K.E. Fisher, S. Erdelez, and E.F. McKechnie. ASIS&T Monograph Series. Medford, N.J.: Information Today, Inc.
Every day information seeking theory
Serious Leisure theory.

2. Select a user group and a context in which to study this group.
Street artist musicians
3. Visit your user group in context and observe their information behaviour unobtrusively
. Type of observation (Unobtrusive Observation) and qualitative research. 2 visits
4. Write a research report in which you address the following questions:
a) Define the user group you observed.
b) Describe the observed information behaviour of your group, including unique information seeking patterns, information uses, interactions with others, etc.
c) Explain the theories/frameworks you have used for your project.
d) Compare and contrast the applicability of these theories/frameworks to your group’s behaviour.
e) Explain how your findings could inform best LIS professional practices for your group.

Include the following:
Executive summary
Methodological approach to observation,
The method used for the study was unobtrusive observation
Description of group observed,
The people who were observed (artist street musician and audience who are people pass in the road)
Description of 2 textbook theoretical frameworks used,
Every day information seeking theory
Serious Leisure theory.
Analysis of observations
Comparison of applicability of frameworks
References, and any essential appendices.
2 observations 3 hours for each. In crowded area (Henry and Grafton Street)
Musician use their real names and have board that showing their accounts in Facebook tweeter and Instagram.Enjoying singing and playing was notable from the singer side .greeting audience while having coffee and phone were used between breaks.
The instruments used while singing in the 2 observations were guitars, harmonicas
Musical style (country, rock and roll)
People interact most with old songs and this musical style music and songs
There was different types of audience
Homeless children tourist elderly and young (male and female)
Although the most appearing activity was (glance while passing by), there was notable observation we should consider.
Elderly people and employee in near shops support them (give them coins , greet them, quick conversations)
Women use their mobile phone more than men they took pictures,video and selfie in snapchats most of them did not pay for these pictures.
(Collecting coins) street musician could have coins with out performing
the interaction happened when the artist sing a song that have meaningful memory to the audience they had a conversations that related to history of the song .also, they asked if the singer can stands for in this weather for many hours . They asked the artist about his experience does he song in other countries, does he can song in parties ?they asked if it possible to sing for them a song from what they choose. In one of my observation the singer asked one of the audience to share him the song and that increases the number of the audience and add to the experience enthusiasm and encouragement.
Foreign nationalities and tourist exchange information with the artist they were explaining how they moved from their countries to work in Irelandand how they happy in their new job. What is worth to note that different group in the society engaged in this activity such as
Children who was encouraged by their parents to put coins for the singer
Homeless was one of the audience who interact with the street musician one of them asked the singer to take care of his stuff.
Some distractions happened while performing such as argument between pedestrians in front of the singer but the singer continued his song and some cars pass between him and the audience but the singer ignored this distractions.
So the singers have special kind of friendship with different type of audience

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