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TOPIC: Walt Disney in China
 required to conduct research with the use of their course readings (if applicable to their approved topic), as well as use external resources to reinforce their research writing. Here are the assignment requirements:




1.       Research how the main corporation operates and how it globally manages the selected overseas location. 


2.       prepare a 12- to 15- page research paper (page count is not including title page, abstract, list of figures/tables or references pages). 


3.       APA format (6th edition). The paper will be doubled-spaced, APA formatted, and free of grammatical/proofing errors. 


4.        provide at least 15 references for their paper on the given selected topic that derive from academically approved resources. These may be either from peer-reviewed journals, company (business/industry) publications, and governmental publications. However,
no Wikipedia references will be permitted, since there are not viewed as academically sound. 
5.       The research for this paper will include any resources used in the course, external Internet, and hard copy references to help support your points in your writing. quality research paper with a high-level of analysis and discussion to sufficiently cover the key topic and supporting points used in the student’s writing.
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