research paper case study assigment

Case Study Assignment
The aim of this assignment is to apply the material covered in the class to a specific architectural project. You are asked to unite both precise observations of a completed contemporary project with significant concepts shaping architecture today.

As a topic you should chose a significant contemporary architectural project (a building, landscape, or urban scheme) that is built and that you have visited (or will visit before writing the paper). It should be a project completed after 2000.

While you should learn about the background of your project and its designer(s), this is not primarily a research paper. Instead, you should relate your own precise observations about the project to the broader context of contemporary architecture as discussed in the course. How does the project deal with the conditions of contemporary architecture and society? How do its forms, structures, materials, programs, etc. represent or react to these conditions? How does the project exceed or depart from the theories we have discussed?

To help you reach these goals, please follow the outline given below.

1. Introductory paragraph providing a brief, exciting opening to the project and what issue(s) you see it raising.

2. Paragraph summarizing the conceptual issues raised by the project. This should include at least one direct quotation from a related reading.

3. A section (one or more paragraphs) giving a general description of the project (its context and history). This section should be accompanied by 1-3 images providing a general sense of the project.

4-6. Three paragraphs, each focused on one compelling aspect of the project (anything from site planning to a construction detail). Each paragraph should be illustrated by one carefully selected image. Each example should be described and interpreted precisely.

7. Conclusion summarizing your interpretation of the project.


The assignment should be prepared as a Word or Google document.

Text should be 12 point Times Roman, double spaced, with 1” margins.

You should use endnotes for citations.

All images should be grouped together at the end of document and labeled with figure numbers and captions.

The total file size, including images, should not exceed 5 MB. (Reduce image resolution as needed.)


Endnotes should be handled in a standard format giving author(s), title, volume and issue if appropriate, date of original publication, and page(s). For example:

Book: Kenneth Frampton, Studies in Tectonic Culture: The Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture (1995): 23.

Article/Essay: Lionel March, “Leslie Martin and the Advancement of Architectural Knowledge,” Architectural Research Quarterly 4 (2000): 298-9.

Whenever possible references should be to printed material not websites.

NOTE: (I will provide you my material from book)

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