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Topic: Research Methods:

In order to complete the written assignment you will need to view the video below and access your learning material to gain an understanding of the vocabulary and concepts about research methods in Chapter 2.

After watching the video, you will use the scientific method to create a short and simple research question about a social issue of importance to you. Then look up a study done on that social issue, develop your hypothesis, identify your dependent and independent variables, and identify your target population. For extra credit you can add in what type of research method would be suitable for you to use.

Here is an example so you can understand the assignment:

1. Research question: I want to find out how social media impacts our lives. I think that social media, like FaceBook, might make us feel lonely. So my research question is: Does FB make us feel lonely?

2. Literature Review: What studies have been done on this issue already? I did a Google search and found a lot of existing research (include website addresses from your search)**. After I check over the literature, I create my hypothesis.

3. Hypothesis: An easy way to think about your hypothesis is using the format If X occurs, then Y will happen.

My hypothesis is: If people use FB, then they feel more lonely.

4. Identify your independent and dependent variables. Remember independent variable is your cause (Example: X – people who use FB) and dependent variable is the effect (Example: Y – feeling lonely).

5. Specify who your target population is. In other words, identify the group to which your research applies. (Example: All FaceBook users)

6. Add opinions and comments to support your research proposal.

EXTRA CREDIT: Specify what type of research method you would use to gather information, and discuss why you selected that method.

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