research method 22

This assignment is meant to assist in brainstorming the topic for your final paper while also providing you practice applying Module 1 skills to research projects.

This assignment aligns with Module 1 Learning Objectives #1, #4, and #5.


You will write a short paper applying skills learned from Module 1 in order to choose a research topic, for which you will complete a proposal by the end of the semester.

Your Topic Selection paper should be 1-2 pages long, and it should include all of the following topics:

  1. At least one initial research question you would like to address within this hypothetical study
  2. Why you chose your research topic
  3. Why you think your research topic is important to research/relevant to criminology
  4. Any initial ideas you have about the approach to the research, based on the readings in Module 2. For example, think about pitfalls to avoid, difficulties that may arise, or the possible research designs to use.

how to submit

All of these assignments should be typed; double-spaced; with 12-point Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial font; and with one-inch margins. Use a formal writing tone that reflects a thoughtful synthesis of the many principles covered in the course, and that exhibits a high level of professionalism. You need a strong thesis, clear organization, lucid points, a formal tone, conventional use of language, and formatting in the APA style. (You do not need to provide an abstract for Assignments 1-4, though.)

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