(Research-11)-Final Project-Homelessness and Theft Essay Help

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(Research-11)-Final Project-Homelessness and Theft

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Instruction-(Research-11)-Final Project-Homelessness and Theft
ASSIGNMENT: Write in APA format
• A description of the criminal justice issue – Homelessness and Theft
• The research question you are examining and hypothesis(-es) you plan to test. If Dallas, Texas solves homelessness will it eliminate theft?
• An explanation of whether you would use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research methods.
• A description of your data collection method— Use survey and field research, and why you would choose to use that method relative to others. Include strengths and
weaknesses of the methods- survey and field research.
• An explanation of the measurement and sampling methods you would use.
• Conceptual definitions of the key variables you need to measure.
• An explanation of how you would measure each variable with open=ended and closed- questions for a survey
• A description of the target population you plan to sample (including size of the population and other demographic and socioeconomic conditions, if known) or whether
you plan to use existing data.
• If you choose existing data, be sure to provide evidence of reliability and validity and a description of the sample, concepts, and measures used in the original
study. Also identify any limitations of the existing data.
1 Required Resource listed below and 9 outside Resource from years 2007-2017 of your choices—I have attached the pdf and below listed for Reference page
Krejci, J. (2010). Approaching quality in survey research: Towards a comprehensive perspective. Czech Sociological Review, 46(6), 1011-1033.
Choose any other resources that you wish use EXCEPT:
1. DO NOT USE GOOGLE books. If I cannot have access. if I can download a pdf to where I have entire document/book to verify references, then google is fine
2. Do not start a sentence with It, When, For, And, Because or any Conjunctions, Participles, and write in Third person.
3. Do not start any words that end with “ing” such as Looking, Checking, According, Keeping, etc.
4. Please only use USA references not UK
5. DO NOT USE any type of Wikipedia source. This is not a reliable source.
6. Please add the website”http” reference so it is easy to find your resources that you used.
7. Please do not put special links to “pull” reference/bibliography; example-EndNote’s Cite While You Write feature. Or any feature that automatically creates a link
from the citation to the bibliography I have had issues with other writer using some kind of software program to pull their references onto the Reference page. I have
to add my own references and if there are links I cannot edit. Thanks!


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