requesting kim woods complete assignment mgt230 week 2 team assignment

Please complete a plagiarism and grammer check.


Resources: Learning Team Collaborative Discussion, Destination CEO Video: Xerox, referenced in Ch. 3 p. 86


Watch the CEO Destination Video: Xerox found in the Strategic Videos link and reflect on your Collaborative Discussion with your team.


Analyze the decision making ability of Xerox by completing the following:


Identify the characteristics for managerial decisions found in the text.


Discuss whether or not Xerox has embraced those characteristics.


Relate Xerox’s decision making ability back to the discussion on collaboration.


Write a 500- to 700-word summary outlining your findings from your discussion as a team on decision making. Each individual should include two-three sentences explaining whether or not you agree with your team’s findings and why you agree or disagree.



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