Religious study class assignment .. Follow the directions ..

This is a religious studies class and when we study religion through the lens of sacred books it is important to experience and/or observe the text in practice. Each of the world’s religion has a distinct style of worship, so the purpose of this assignment is to visit religious services to get a firsthand account of religion outside of the classroom.

During this visit you will need to pay close attention to your surroundings, be able to explain what happened during the service and how it felt during your time there. If you get a sense of the sacred at this service, try to describe what it was like. This report should be two pages, double spaced. Pay particular attention to the use of sacred books and how they are used in worship and ritual.


Visiting a Christian Religious Service

1. Denomination of Faith – Which branch of Christianity(Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic or Protestant) are you exploring during this visit?

2. Architecture and Interior Organization – Where is the service taking place? Are there stained windows, banners, benches, chairs, bulletin boards, artifacts, a library, etc.?

3. Style of Worship – liturgical, order of service, bulletin, formal, informal?

4. Music – Is it classical, contemporary, or another style? Doyou see a choir or instruments?

5. Sacred Texts – What translation? Which texts? Who readsthe text?

6. Prayer – Is it recited, personal, or silent? Who prays at this service?

7. Form Service was Given – Was it sermon, homily, spoken word?

8. Theology – What ideas were presented?

9. Posture in Worship – Are you standing, sitting, kneeling, touching?

10. Authority – Hermeneutics, who interprets the scripture and how?

11. Intangibles – Is there a sense of the sacred?

Ashlee Godwin, revised 3/28/2013


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