reading comprehension 1

24.Take Brainizer for a great mind that can help you to concentrate on your lessons and take tests. This once-a-day supplement contains special herbs from ancient recipes for increasing brain cells.

Biofreezer is the supplement that will make you feel and look healthy, thanks to natural oils that add luster to your skin and hair. This product has been on the market for years and helps prevent dryness to all parts of your body.

Take Sparkenizer today for great energy that can make you perform everyday tasks with energy and gusto. You will be a new, healthier person after you have been on this supplement for only 3 weeks.

Boost your immunity with lmmunizer. You won’t need to worry about viral intruders. This product contains vitamin C and echinacea. Protect yourself the natural way.

The following questions are based on these advertisements.

25. Which of the following supplements must be built up in a person’s system to achieve the desired effect?

A. Brainizer

B. Biofreezer

C. Sparkenizer

D. lmmunizer

26. In the winter, a student is preparing to take her college entrance examination. Knowing that it is the season for colds, the student wants to stay healthy and looks for supplements to take. Which of the following is the best choice?

A. Brainizer

B. Biofreezer

C. Sparkenizer

D. lmmunizer

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