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read instructions (psychology 101)
2 things! read instructions, so you dont have to revise at the end. 1) A.You work for a large advertising firm and have a project due for a new brand of toothpaste.
Using the methods described in this chapter for persuasion, describe how you would try to convince people to use the new toothpaste. B.Compare and contrast how various
cultures view aggression. C.Are there ways that conformity and obedience can be beneficial for a society? How might they be dangerous? D.Describe the evolutionary
perspective for finding a mate. How have things changed and stayed the same with regard to mate selection? E.How does your behavior change when you are with a
particular group of people and why? 2) Choose a topic or issue that interests you such as not smoking in public restaurants, not drinking and driving, capital
punishment, and the like. Using the four questions listed below, which were also listed in the chapter on how attitudes can predict behavior, describe how you would go
about changing someone’s attitude about your issue. You should also use the four ideas listed below that were discussed in this chapter. Question 1: Are the person’s
attitudes strong? Question 2: Is the person showing a strong awareness of his or her attitudes, and is he or she rehearsing and practicing them? Question 3: Are the
attitudes relevant to the behavior? Question 4: Does the person have a vested interest in the issue? The Communicator The Message The Medium The Target


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