Radiation Therapy Cancers and Treatment Essay Help

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Radiation Therapy Cancers and Treatment

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I have 10 different cancer topics that need to be researched. Each topic must include:
1. Anatomy
2. Epidemiology
3. Etiology
4. Genetic Links
5. Presenting Systems
6. Diagnostic Workup
7. Pathology
8.Methods/Sites of Metastasis
9. Staging System
10. Grading System
11. Treatment options
12. Treatment of Choice
13. Prognosis / 5 year survival
14. Radiation Therapy Tumor Dose and Daily Fraction
15. Radiation Therapy Dose and Daily Fractions
16. Radiation Therapy Typical Brachytherapy Dose
17. Radiation Therapy Critical Structures
18. Radiation Therapy Expected Side Effects
19. Sources
The topics are:
Bone Metastasis to the Femur
Adrenal Cortex Cancer
Maxillary Sinus Cancer
Optic Nerve Cancer
Vulvar Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer
Pediatric Liver Cancer
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia


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