radar and electronic system 2


An antiship missile uses a phased array radar seeker with f= 9.5 GHz. The Radar Cross Section (RCS) of a frigate at the same frequency is 8500 m2. As a Radar and EW engineer, you have to provide technical consultation for the protection of the frigate against the missile and determine the basic parameters of a floating decoy and chaff system in order to effectively protect the frigate.


Define Electronic Warfare, write its categories and subcategories and explain its importance in a modern battlefield.

RF Antiship missile Engagement Scenario.

Describe a common RF Antiship missile Engagement Scenario and write all the possible systems, sensors and weapons might be used by a modern frigate to defeat the threat.

Use of chaffs and floating decoys.

Explain how the chaffs and floating decoys can be used against a RF antiship missile. Which of the two systems is overall more effective? You have to justify your answer by considering parameters such as response time, frequency response, weather effect etc.

Determine the parameters of the countermeasures.

Determine the minimum required RCS of the floating decoy and chaff in order to be effective against the mentioned threat. Calculate the dipole length of the chaffs and number of dipoles required.


A logical conclusion is to be presented based on your entire study and critical analysis.

*** Words count = 500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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