Racism in Sports Essay Dissertation Help

In 8-10 pages (double spaced, .12 font, 1” margins) select an event in the U.S., past or present, characterized by racialized thinking or racism. Use any academic style you prefer (e.g. Chicago Manual Style) and be sure to cite (in-text or footnote) & Bibliography of sources.

Identify the issue/event:
Racism in Sports
Contextualize the issue- e.g. race relations in U.S. society at the time of the event and since.
Discuss how issues that the athletes listed below went through and how it was during the civil rights movement.
Describe what actions they took to stand up for their rights etc.
Describe the effect it had or didn’t have on their careers and personal lives.
Evaluate the validity/logic of competing viewpoints:
Discuss what the other sides viewpoints, how they saw nothing wrong with what was being done, how others did agree and how they were then treated differently etc.
Use the knowledge you have gained in this class to formulate a solution(s) to the race based issue you have identified.
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