Race and Investment Essay Help

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Race and Investment
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Price set for 1st installment – 19 pages -Introduction and Literature Review

How does implicit race bias affect investment decision making ?
Proposition 1: Actor motives in decision making influence individual commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
Proposition 2: Actor processes and strategies influence individual skills and capability to lead social value Proposition 3: Actor processes and strategies influence individual principles (a principle expresses something fundamental that people believe is true, or it is a basic value that motivates people to act). *this work looks at behavioural economics coupled with corporate social responsibility and notions of race that influence this space. **

I require a completed Abstract, Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 2 Literature Review The Literature Review need work and focus (fresh eyes).

I have attached my research paper and proposal. I need to be sure this order can be filled within the time frame.

I need a writer confirmed within 1 hour (60minutes) otherwise I want a full refund to enable me to find another writer.

I have NO extension time beyond 48 hours from the time of the order to complete.

If the quality is good I will order a further 13000 words due in 7 days.


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