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1   What are the requirements necessary for “self-defense” to be proven as stated in the textbook.  Discuss these requirements to explain why they are necessary. Provide a scenario in which proving self-defense would be successful.  Additionally, provide a scenario in which self-defense would not be supported. 


2.  Identify and comment on the five   

category “types of crimes” in which the textbook authors have listed. Which of  the of the  five do you believe has the greatest negative impact on society…..explain why why you believe this? 


 3.  There are really just “four sources of law” in the United States.  Identify each of the four and comment on what exactly they do in regards to making laws.  Why is the constitution considered the highest source of law in this country?  Be thorough with the explanations when discussing as each of the four sources are important.  

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