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There is one Final Exam question. Write a comprehensive essay. Draw widely on the book readings, web readings, and web videos from all the Units.
Your response should be 2-3 (500-800 word, double-spaced, standard pages using APA format for in-text citations and quotes (no abstract needed).
Be sure to craft a tightly-written thesis statement to focus your essay.
For full credit, make sure to have proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, and to properly apply in-text APA format (paper formatting and APA in-text citations) when integrating the book readings, web readings, and web videos into your essay.
See Course Tools/Useful Links for writing assistance.
Do not use outside sources to answer these questions. Again, bring only the book readings, web readings, and web videos from the course (all four weeks) into your essay.
Well-supported papers will incorporate a wide range of course materials.
Be sure to fully answer all parts of the question(s) being asked.
Avoid merely summarizing the information from our course materials in your paper. Instead, provide analysis of how the SOC 350 material specifically supports your response to the exam question.

Final Exam Question:
Based on course readings, Bb Collaborate sessions and other course material, what is inequality? What is prejudice? How can we identify prejudice and how can we reduce it in ourselves, at the community/grassroots level, and on a societal/global level? Discuss at least three theories of prejudice, and present concepts from the Bb Collaborate sessions and all course materials to explain your answers. Don’t forget to use examples of each concept you present. Use terms (correctly) from course materials to make your research-supported points.

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