question and answer 6 1

Chapter 6 covered the basic range of offenses against property and habitation. These are crimes committed against your “stuff” or dwelling. For this chapter’s assignment, there are three slightly modified questions from the text. These were originally numbered 1, 2, and 3 in the text on page 116. They are modified here for clarity.

Question 1: When you steal your friend’s lottery ticket, for which she paid one dollar, you have committed (simple) larceny. Do you become guilty of “grand larceny” (or any other variant of larceny based on value) if the ticket turns out to be a winning ticket worth one million dollars? The text suggests reviewing the case you can find at this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Question 2: You hand a teller a $200 check, which the teller misreads for $2,000. If you say nothing and accept the $2,000 in cash, are you guilty of obtaining money by false pretenses? If yes, why? If no, what other offense, if any, could apply?

Question 3: When you and your spouse separate, you obtain a court order prohibiting your spouse from entering YOUR home (your ex-spouse no longer has any legal right to the property). You return one night and find that he took his key to enter and that he took his golf clubs. Is your ex-spouse guilty of burglary and/or larceny? Does your ex-spouse have any defense because the golf clubs are exclusively his personal property?

Assignment: Please answer these questions in one or two paragraphs each. No citations or references are needed IF you use only the materials from the text. Use of any materials outside the text or class discussions will require citations and references. Your submission, otherwise in APA format, should be a minimum of three pages of text plus a cover page.

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