Quantitative Risk Assessment 4

Risks:  If a senior artist retires before the movie is complete, the production of art renderings will be delayed and
will result in slipping the project schedule. Likelihood: Moderate; Consequence: Major  If there is an earthquake in Burbank, CA, all electronic files on the computers in the building will not be
accessible either temporarily or permanently and will result in stopping work on the movie. Likelihood:
Slight; Consequence: Major  If the actor’s union goes on strike, the audio portion of the movie will get affected, resulting in a delay in the
schedule. Likelihood: Strong; Consequence: Major  If the parent organization sells the building where the project works, the project will have to move, resulting
in a day-for-day schedule slip. Likelihood: Slight; Consequence: Moderate
Opportunities:  If new software becomes available for the key animation process, the project will be able to complete the
artistic animation quicker, resulting in delivering that portion of the project earlier.  If you can convince another production project within your company to share a screening room, you could
reduce the project space requirement and save $15,000 in overhead expenses.  
Develop risk mitigation plans to address each of these risks, and a plan to enhance the opportunity. You may find
that more than one risk mitigation strategy is available for any given risk. Make sure to indicate the risk or
opportunity strategy—avoid, transfer, mitigate, accept, exploit, share, and enhance. 
Submission Requirements:  

Write your answers in at least 2–3 pages.   in the
APA format.  Font: Arial, 12-point, and double-spaced.

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