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1. In this assignment, you will perform a qualitative analysis. You will first collect YOUR OWN DATA SET – not from an external source (see number 2 for examples of types of data that can be collected). You should conduct a qualitative analysis of your data, ensuring that you address the following points somewhere in your essay:
* Frame a general question you intend to address using the data you have chosen ?
* Conduct a qualitative analysis of the data in order to address this question ?
* Justify your choice of analytic approach ?
* Don’t simply describe the data — attempt an explanation of what is going on: ?
– What is the reasoning behind your explanation??
-What further linguistic or non-linguistic evidence might support your interpretations and inferences?
-Are there any weaknesses (in the theory or the data) in your explanation?
• Is there any way your analysis could be extended or improved with quantitative analysis of some kind?

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