q report

Music conset report. 


Opera/Musical Theater Workshop Performance



One page, double spaced

No larger than 12 point font

No more than 1 inch margins

Include your name and banner number at the top of your paper (no more than 2 lines)



Be adventurous and try out new kinds of music.

Be open to a new musical experience.

Plan ahead so you can pick concerts that you will enjoy.

Jazz, classical and some world music can include long pieces. Experiment with the different kinds of listening that we will discuss in class. Relate to concepts we discuss in class.

Invite your friends to attend with you.


Concert Report Content:

In your Concert Reports include the following:

What did you enjoy about the concert? What didn’t you like?

What did you find interesting?

Relate the music to at least one concept that we have discussed in class (elements of melody, rhythm, harmony, form; composers; genres; moods; etc.)

Discuss at least two moods or characters of the music in the concert.

Would you attend this kind of concert again? Why or why not?

Any other relevant observations. (optional)

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