puplic Speech Class

This lab requires that you watch one of the speeches in the Great Speeches Series and write a 500 word paper incorporating the questions below.

The Great Speeches videos are available at the Oviatt Library or in the Aronstam Library (located on the second floor of Manzanita Hall).  You can also look in the “Great Speeches” section of your Video Library.


Locate a copy as soon as possible. It is very important that you watch and not only listen to the speech as it was originally delivered. Both verbal and nonverbal aspects of delivery are very important part sof public speaking. You may also want to find a copy of the text of the speech; however, this is NOT required.

Watching this speech should take about 30-45 minutes so make sure to schedule it into your week. As you address the following questions, incorporate concepts from class discussions or readings in your paper:

Does the speaker demonstrate good ethos, pathos and logos?
Does the speaker have a clear organization pattern?
Does the speaker have a clear introduction with attention getter, thesis/goal and a preview of the main points?
Are the main points of the speech clear in the body of the speech and are there smooth transitions between the main points?
How did the speaker indicate he/she was ending his/her speech?
Did the speaker review the main points?
Was this an effective speech? Why?
Who do you think was the intended audience?
Do you think the speech is still relevant today?
Why is this speech considered a “great speech”?

Please write your responses in essay format using Times New Roman size 12 and bring a typed copy into class on the due date of the lab. If you have written more than one page, please make sure to have them stapled together. The prompt for this assignment will only be available until the day of class at 7 AM. Please do NOT submit to the website! Just bring to class :).

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