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create a document that is informative and comparative. You will create a hard copy document and also upload to Objective: Highlight the main features of each public policy and
compare and contrast Obama and Trump’s policies as indicated. In addition, provide information on the role of each of the three branches of government in the public policy. Part 1: Chapter 16
Domestic Policy Intro/Background /Roots/History Policy Making Process Health Policy* Education* Energy and Environment* • Optional: challenges Part 2: Chapter 17 Economic Policy • Budget process –
Intro/Background/ Roots/History • Federal Reserve and monetary policy* • Income security* • Compare and Contrast Obama v. Trump policies. Part 3: Foreign and Defense Policy
Intro/Background/Roots/History • Factors that shape foreign and defense policy decision making* Challenges facing the US*
*Compare and contrast Obama and Trump’s policies that are marked with an asterisk. Part 4 — Roles of the executive, legislative and judicial branches Analyze the role that each branch plays in the
influence, creation, implementation, and evaluation of public policy.

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