Public Health Issue Should vaccinations be mandated Essay Dissertation Help

Public Health Issue Should vaccinations be mandated

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Contemporary Public Health Issues: My topic is “should vaccinations be mandated?”
This written paper will be an “Evaluative Essay” on a contemporary public health issue of your choice. The 2-3 page paper (not including the Title page of References page) should be typed and references should be cited using APA format.

Most contemporary public health issues will have polarized or opposing views as to the cause or risk of the issue or opposing views on the best way to remedy or resolve the public health issue. When investigating and evaluating a contemporary public health issue where there are polarized positions, or opposing views, your job is to:
1. Investigate what people say on both sides of the issue;
2. Explain the positions to your reader/s without showing your own opinion, or bias;
3. Critique the positions for their reasonableness and logic; and
4. Form and express your own “earned” opinion based on your inquiry.
Organization of the Essay
1. Introduction: Identify the issue
2. Body: Present both sides equally
3. Body: Analyze the reasoning of both sides, and
4. Conclusion: Express and support your informed opinion.
• Beginning the Essay: Begin your essay with an introduction that will guide your audience. Tell the reader/s:
1. What your issue is
2. What the two polarized positions are, and
3. What your conclusion, or thesis, is regarding the issue.
As you report objectively on both sides of the issue, remember that you must show that you have researched and really understand it. Your own bias and opinions do not belong in this part of the essay. In fact, you’ll earn your audience’s trust and respect by being objective here.
• Analyze the Issue
Having completed the objective report; your next job is to analyze the issue. Here you may reveal an “educated opinion” by judging the reasons that both sides have for their positions. You can make comparisons, show their differences, or reveal the causes and effects of the positions. This is your opportunity to question one side’s position against the other’s and determine which one makes the most sense to you. Your analysis must include why you have formed this opinion.
• Support Your Conclusions With Evidence
You can convince your readers that your conclusions are fair and valid by providing strong reasons and accurate details when you write your analysis. Use examples, facts, statistics, quotations from authorities, and other credible research to support your conclusions. Don’t state your analysis as an opinion; instead, use evidence to root it in facts.
• Look for the Positive and the Negative
Many new writers make the mistake of focusing their writing only on the positive or the negative side of the subject they’re discussing. As an objective “reporter,” you should let the audience know ALL sides of the issue. Only in the end of this type of an essay should you reveal the opinion that you have earned. You do this by presenting the results of your analysis in a fair manner.
When you write to inquire, you’ll be writing an evaluative essay. To develop this kind of essay, you’ll go through at least three steps:
1. Inquire into a problem or issue by investigating and researching it with as little bias as possible.
2. Analyze and critique the problem or issue, enabling you to form (or earn) an educated opinion about it.
3. Present your findings to your audience.

Primary Literature Sources:
• While many APA papers require an Abstract, you will NOT need to provide an Abstract for this Evaluative Essay.
Evaluative Essay Check List To assist students in reviewing their papers to see what additional revisions may be necessary, I am providing the following list of items. Does your paper meet all of these requirements? (1) Overall Formatting of the paper: a. Double spaced & 1 inch margins • Double-space the entire text, including headings References page. • Indent one-half inch, or five spaces, from the left margin for the first line of a paragraph and all lines of a quotation over forty words long. b. Use 12-point font (APA recommends Times New Roman) • Do not use larger font or colored font on title page or section headings c. Do not add extra spaces between the paragraphs or between the separate references • To remove any extra lines, go to your “paragraph” settings and check the box “Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style” d. Running Head and page numbers • The first page (Title page) should have the wording “Running Head” prior to the short title (maximum of 50 characters including spaces). Running Head: Short Title of Paper • When you are in the “header” – you can click on the “Design” tab and select “different first page”. • The other pages will just have the short title: You will go back to “insert header” again and just type your short title (without the “Running Head” wording) and insert the page number (you don’t actually write in the specific page number, when you select to insert ‘page number’, it does it for you) • -Here is a short video that I found on You Tube that might help you understand how to do the APA formatting (but when they mention “abstract” – don’t worry about this, it is not required for this paper):

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