Psychology of Learning and Motivation Essay Help

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Psychology of Learning and Motivation

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Answer each question with at least 200-word count.
Answer these in Answer/Question form! This is not a paper, no cover sheet is needed___Use APA format for citations. Each answer must have work citied.
1. Humans see only a small of the spectrum of light waves. Do light waves that fall outside of our detectable range qualify as stimuli?
2. Some teachers object to the use of shaping in classroom instruction because the procedures are also used to train animals. How would you defend (or would you defend?) the use of shaping in the classroom?
3. Concurrent schedules are said to represent a choice situation. Why is a multiple schedule not said to represent a choice?
4. Some people believe that it is extremely important for human babies to have intimate contact with their mothers during the first few hours after birth (rather than being hurried off to a nursery). How could you use a scientific approach to determine whether there is a critical period for the formation of an adult-infant bond?
5. Many studies of observational learning involve children. Why?
6. Given what you know about observational learning, what advice would you give to a friend whose children watch three to seven hours of TV daily?


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