Psychology Homework

Chapter 5

  Go to the following website, , click on #12 video, and answer the questions below:


1.    What were the main points of the video?

2.    What did you find most interesting?

3.    How can the information presented in the video help you or someone you know?


II.  The Web sites you’ll visit in this exercise explore two complementary issues: the effect of television violence on children’s behavior, and how parents can nurture cooperative behavior and discourage aggressive behavior in their children. Psychologists have recently conducted interesting new research on these topics. You’ll read about their important findings in this exercise.

1. Visit the two websites above, and then briefly summarize two studies in three to five sentences.  When summarizing each article, please cite the website and article to which you are referring.

2. Although research clearly indicates the negative effect of violent programs on children, the fact remains that parents still have tremendous power to moderate that influence. What specific recommendations would you give to parents for moderating the negative effects of television violence?

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