psychologist theory

I attached the the theories The paper shall not be less than 4 pages and not exceed 6 pages. It should be in 11 or 12 point Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins and double spaced. This will be worth 75 points.

Choose a personality trait or behavior that you have observed in yourself or someone close to you. Please choose at least one of the theorists in class and discuss this behavior/explain this behavior using the theory to explain it. Please use at least one outside/academic source for this paper. Also, please critique the theory related to cultural competence. Keep in mind how the trait or behavior has impacted your life; what are positives and/or negatives related to the behavior, when was it first observed, how has it changed during the span of your life. Please remember to use proper spelling and punctuation as points will be deducted if proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are not used.

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