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Psychological Perspectives and Behaviour

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Using the case study example below, evaluate the contribution of psychological perspectives in the treatment of specific behaviours, states of consciousness and
emotional states associated with OCD:

Diane had obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) for 26 years, which she has now finally overcome.
“My earliest memory of the illness was when I was about eight years old. The symptoms were a fear of stepping on the pavement cracks. I don’t know why, but it made me
feel physically uncomfortable if I did it.
“That was one ritual. Another ritual, which was a compulsion, was the fear that if I didn’t say my evening prayers correctly and sincerely, my mother might be killed
in a car accident. I took on this huge responsibility as a child for another person’s life.
“A lot of people know about the hand washing and the checking of things, but many people are unaware that OCD can also take a sinister angle, where you have a fear
that you may harm your own children very violently.
“When I had my fourth child I had intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that at bedtime that I would go to the children’s bedrooms in my sleep, take out their dressing gown
cords and strangle each one. This was horrendous to go through, because I didn’t know whether I was going to do it or not- fortunately I did not ever harm my children.
“That was the obsession: the compulsion was to try to relieve some of the pain and terror that came from those thoughts. I would get out of bed, find their dressing
gowns, take the cords out of the dressing gowns and tie them into as many knots as possible, so that I wouldn’t be able to put the cords around their necks.
“Then I’d go back to bed, but I still couldn’t sleep. I would get out of bed again, get the cords, put them in a bag, seal the bag, and put the bag in a high cupboard.
This would give a little relief, but it was still terrifying, I was exhausted.
“After I saw my GP, I saw a consultant psychiatrist. I was put on antidepressants, which helped me enormously. Medication gave me the strength to sleep and eat well,
so I could then have cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which is a psychological treatment that deals with the present. I was able to put my heart and soul into my
own recovery.
“I often used to ask myself what was wrong with my memory and why I couldn’t remember whether the gas has been turned off, even though I’d checked it 13 times and I
only checked 10 seconds ago. In fact, people with OCD have a perfectly accurate memory, but what we don’t have is a confident memory. CBT can help to restore that.
“I am worried that my eldest child has OCD they are showing a lot of the behaviours I displayed , I wonder if they have inherited the condition or learnt it from me?

Completion Notes: Do not spend time and word length describing a theory we need evaluation. Please remember to include in text references and also include a reference
list at the end of your work which should be presented in the Harvard referencing format. Each answer should be written as an essay. This means you should provide the
following structure: (in 3rd person ONLY). • Introduction – inform your audience of what you are intending to write about and why (100 words). • Main body – now tell
your audience about what you mentioned in the introduction in detail. Include arguments to support/refute the points made (800 words). • Conclusion – this is an
overview/summary of what you have discussed and conclusions found (100 words). As with essays, you should reference within your work and also include a reference list
evidencing Harvard reference format after each essay. Please provide plagiarism FREE work.


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