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Required Text:
Belcher, Richard P. (2006). The Messiah and the Psalms: Preaching Christ from All of the Psalms. Fearn, Scotland: Mentor Imprint. ISBN: 9781845500740.
Broyles, Craig C. (1999). Psalms: Volume II in New International Bible Commentary. Peabody, Massachusetts: Hendrickson Publishers. 1999. ISBN: 9780801045752.
Bullock, C. Hassell. (2001). Encountering the Book of Psalms: A Literary and Theological Introduction. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic. ISBN: 9780801027956.

Required Reading:
Belcher: ch. 3
Broyles: chs. 3, 6–7, 13, 26, 44, 79–80
Bullock: ch. 7

Bible Readings:

Psalms: 3, 6–7, 13, 26, 44, 79–80


Read Jones, Logan C. “The psalms of lament and the transformation of sorrow,” Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 61 (2007): 47–58. (DOCUMENT ATTACHED)

After reading this article, reading the psalms/commentary for this week, and watching the lectures on the Lament Psalms, write a 700-word (minimum—not to exceed 1000 words) reflection on what this
study of the lament psalms has contributed to your understanding of the theology and practice of prayer and worship. In your reflection, you should focus on what these psalms reflect about the
psalmist’s relationship with God, why the laments are needed, how they contribute to spiritual growth in the life of a believer, and specific features they reflect about how we should pray. In your
reflection, focus on the specific details of at least two to three of the Lament Psalms you have studied in order to illustrate and validate your ideas from Scripture.

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