project proposal writing



Write your proposal based on the criteria’s listed below

Projectcriteria have beenplacedintofour categories. Points are awardedforeachcategory. CommunityFinancialBenefits(maximumof25 points)


  1. Financialbenefittothecommunitythrough additionaljobs or increasedrevenue

  2. Potentialforprimaryjobsdefined asjobsthatbring“new” moneyinto the community

  3. Potentialto generate increasedrevenuesforthe City

  4. Area currentlyexperiencesdecreasingrevenues

  5. Projectcould reduce Citycostsorneedforservices




CommunityEnvironmentalBenefits(maximumof25 points)


  1. Eliminates orpreventsadverse physical, socialoreconomic conditions

  2. Improves communityimageorneighborhood amenities

  3. Projectistimelyin improvingconditionsorredevelopment

  4. Areais targeted for improvement, redevelopment, or communityimprovementprojects




CommunityInvestmentBenefits (maximumof25 points)


  1. AEDA’s returnon investmentis higherthan 100%

  2. Triggers spinoffbenefits forotherproperties orbusinesses

  3. Theapplicantsupports Arvada contactorsand purchases suppliesin Arvada

  4. Likelyrequires publicsectorparticipationforthe projectto occur




CommunityLongevityBenefits(maximumof25 points)


  1. Thebusiness has been in Arvada foralongperiod oftime


•     1-3 years –5 points


    • 3-7 years –10 points

    • 8-14 years– 17 points

    • 15+years– 25 points


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