project management 246

Create your own project! And apply the principles of project management. It can be a project that you have done in the past, one you are currently working on, or something you are planning/might do for the future. It can be something in your personal life (a research project, planning a wedding, building a house), or something that you have done or would do in your professional life (opening a new department, launching a business or new product, planning an athletic event). I must see a clear connection between the concepts we learned in class and the example you choose. Details below:

  • Describe the project
    • What is it? What is it for? Why is it appealing to customers? What does it offer?
  • You are the project manager in charge of implementing the project. Discuss the way you would implement it in detail.
    • We have covered several topics in this class. You can cover all of them broadly or go into detail about a specific portion of project management.
    • Compare your project to similar industries who have done this before. This is where your research will come in.
      • What businesses have successfully implemented something similar?
      • What businesses have unsuccessfully implemented something similar? How will you improve upon their weaknesses when it comes to your project?
    • Write a 4-7 page paper regarding as many of these topics as you can cover about your new project.
  • Work alone.
  • Use the key terms and information that we’ve learned in class.
  • Use APA citations and references.
  • You have the flexibility to go into as much detail as you want. You can expand upon one aspect of the project management in great detail, or you can cover all of the aspects mentioned above to fill several pages. It is up to you!


  1. Cover Page
  2. Project Charter including Scope Statement
  3. Project Parameters
  4. Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt Chart
  5. Procurement Plan
  6. Project Closing Statement
  7. Appendices and References (if needed).

Written Paper Guidelines for Final Project.

You must use APA formatting for any information you retrieve from sources outside of your own knowledge! Working together or copying another person’s work is considered plagiarism.

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