project management 241

Choose one:

Manufacture a Plane: cost = $6 million dollars per plane. Assume it takes a total of 4 months to build a plane.

Manufacture a Luxury sports Car: cost = $100 Hundred thousand dollars per vehicle. Assume it takes a total of 4 weeks to build a car.

Project must include:

  • Defining the scope of the project. Ch.5a.
  • Create a company System flow chart. Example in Ch.2 lecture notes slide #6.
  • Create a System Development cycle chart. Example in Ch.3a lecture notes slide #7, just phases A, B and C.
  • Create task lists (WBS breakdown structure) Ch. 5a1 lecture notes slide # 13 also book pages 161-164. Add budget per WBS Ch.8 lecture notes slide # 19.
  • Create a production schedule Ch.5a2 lecture notes slides # 9-21.
  • Create / Construct a network diagram for the project. Determine all activities and duration per activity. Ch.6
  • Determine ES, EF, LS and LF Ch.6
  • Indicate the critical path. Ch.6
  • Indicate the total slack of each activity. Ch.6
  • Create a project status report on planned hours per week verse actual hours earned per week.Ch.11
  • Have a least one week where actual hours were below planned hours and create a rework schedule to get back on schedule. Ch.11
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