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Creating a Fully-Leveled Schedule

In Unit 1, you created a work breakdown structure for the entire CRM system implementation. You also elaborated on that structure and identified more details for one of the deliverables. In Unit 2, you created a schedule for the training deliverables. You also identified the skills you needed for the team. Now, as a group, you will create a fully-leveled schedule for the entire project (CRM implementation, marketing program, and training). The schedule should be created in Microsoft Project. As a group, you will first need to define and agree on the following:

  • set-up of Microsoft Project (including how you will work on the file individually and jointly)
  • phases
  • deliverables from each phase
  • milestones in each phase
  • skills required for each team
  • resources available to the project with the given skills
  • availability of each resource to the project (do not forget about vacations, training, holidays, etc.)

Make sure you document the resource descriptions (skills and availability) in a simple format for the instructor.

Then, as a group, file the project schedule into sections that are assigned to each team member. Do not file the resources or assign them to be used by only one team member. As individuals, complete the following schedule for your assigned section:

  • Provide more detail by defining the tasks.
  • Assign dependencies among tasks, including lead and lag time.
  • Assign resources to tasks based on the skills and availability defined by the team.
  • Level only your section of the project.
  • Conduct a PERT analysis for 1 section of your schedule.
  • Create a baseline for only your section of the project.

Please add your file.

As a group, complete the following steps to finish the project schedule:

  1. Combine the individual plans into one plan (if needed).
  2. Review and refine the critical path.
  3. Identify dependency and resource conflicts.
  4. Level the entire project to the extent that makes sense (remember that the project has to be complete within a 9-month period and other interim dates were defined in Unit 2).
  5. Create a baseline for the entire project.
  6. As you adjust the schedule to meet the required dates, document the trade-offs you made and the risks introduced by those trade-offs (if you do not have to make any trade-offs because you can meet the time frames, see the instructor).

Turn in your schedule, resource descriptions, and trade-off descriptions to the instructor. Be sure to explain which view(s) is best for evaluating the project schedule, including the PERT values. 



Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s):



  • Unit 2: Gantt Charts, Pert, CPM
  • Unit 3: Project Scheduling Techniques
  • Unit 3: The Critical Path Method
  • Unit 3: Critical Path Networks
  • Unit 3: Project Scheduling and Resource Allocation

 Please I need 7 pages and references inside the paragraphs and at the bottom of document.  Please follow instructions to the letter.  No plagarism. 

Course Objectives

Construct and apply Gantt Charts, CPM, and PERT techniques to project management

Evaluate methods for activity defining, activity sequencing, activity duration estimating, schedule development, and schedule control

Construct a project plan which includes cost, scheduling, and risk assessment

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